The Mosireen Collective 

The Mosireen Collective came together in the wake of the Mubarak's fall to  archive and document the Egyptian revolution. 

Over four years hundreds of videos were produced and released for free on youtube. At the peak of global interest, Mosireen was the most watched non-profit youtube channel in the world. It remains the most watched in Egypt of all time, with millions of views amassed. 

Collected here are some of my highlights. Press the subtitle box on the player for translation options.

Prayer of Fear

Released shortly after the military coup of 2013

The Maspero Massacre

Investigation into the massacre at the Maspero State Radio and Television building on October 9th 2011. 

The People Demand the Fall of the Regime

Assembled after one year of revolution, in preparation for mass mobilization in January 2012.

The Camel Battle

One of the defining battles of the initial 18 day uprising against Mubarak

The Privatization of Ramlet Bulaq

One of a series of videos done on issues of economic and social justice. This district has now been bulldozed to make way for luxury development.

The Full Collection

of 300+ videos is available at

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